Shaping for Gemeente Amsterdam

Inclusive Digital Learning

Startup in Residence Program

With a spin-off idea, Digital Shapers participates in the Startup in Residence Program of the Gemeente Amsterdam. This is a a social impact program with the aim to deploy our platform to work on inclusive digital learning for citizens of Amsterdam. Within 6 months we co-create the product, after which the Gemeente aims to be our launching customer.

The idea

In the fast changing enviroment of today's digital age, it is becoming increasingly important for people to keep up with new technological development. With the inclusive learning program, the Gemeente Amsterdam aims to help stimulate continuous learning for people with little access to education.

Our solution

Our platform empowers people to develop themselves on digital competences. To individuals, it gives learning & development suggestions to come to a desired state. To organizations it provides real-time monitoring of digital maturity and the gap to bridge. Using data science technology, we can reach a diverse target group, provide accurate predictions, and create personalized paths.

Knowledge that we currently possess, will not be the knowledge we need to solve the future’s problems. Chances to excel in the future’s world, in our opinion, depends greatly on the ability to imagine the future. With this clear imagination in mind, it is possible to find the ‘how to get there’, and truly find new ways to shape the future.


The right Shaper, the right focus

Every organization is different and has their own ambitions and challenges. That is why different experts are needed. To achieve optimal results we choose a matching Shaper from our community based on skillset and motivation. A Shaper takes the maximum out of his or her domain and seamlessly transfers the knowledge to another Shaper when new expertise is needed.

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