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Digital Days

Shape your digital workforce. We’ll show your employees how a digital mindset can improve efficiency during our fun and interactive Digital Days.

We understand you

You know that your employees need to move up a level in the digital landscape to keep with technological developments. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Where to start? What trainings should you offer? Who should even organize it, considering your full agenda? We get it, and we’ve got you covered. 



Fixed price

We have a fixed price per hour to organize your customized event.                                                                  




Part of a day session

A part of a day sessions takes approximately 4 hours, in which employees can follow a maximum of two workshop sessions each (2 hours per session). Easy to organize, quick to execute.                                              


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The way we work

Everybody wants flexibility, and you only want to pay for what you really need. We don't believe in a one size fits all solution, because we know that every organization is different. As we are completely transparent on all our prices, you can simply pick and choose the elements that you want to have.



Pick the right sessions

We have our own trainers and arranged contracts with other expert trainers in our network. You choose the level of expertise and the price that comes along.                 



All day session

During a one day session we can organize up to 4 different workshop session. Go in-depth with your team, and learn how data science, growth hacking and design thinking can optimize efficiency for you.


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Pay for what you need

Your investment is based on your own decisions. You first decide on the size, price, type of sessions and amount of participants. Then we calculate the price based on your preferences.




Choose your extras

Have your pick of any of the available extra toppings, such as a needs analysis or an aftermovie. All clearly defined and priced, and only if you want to, of course.




Multiple days

Give your employees the chance to work on all skills needed in today's digital world. Find out how Digital Shaper's Digital Week has helped Schiphol to become the #1 digital airport in Europe.


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Not sure yet about what you want? No Problem!

Of course we can also get in touch with you directly to discuss the possibilities. Just fill in your details below.


The right Shaper, the right focus