Shaping for DPA

Attracting top talent

Increasing digital understanding and behavior of the workforce

To achieve a fast growth, it was imperative for DPA to attract the right talent. There was a need of a powerful brand identity and recruiting high quality candidates.

Departments were responsible for their own digital expressions and did not use a consistent social media strategy. Because of this segmented approach, costs were high and impact remained relatively small. Opportunities for sharing knowledge were missed, both within the organization as externally online.

In order to attract the best new talent, we have to be where our future professionals are. Thanks to Digital Shapers we know which social media strategy works the best for us, and how we can utilize online channels to improve our recruitment process. We have been building a strong and interactive online brand.

Eric Winter - CEO DPA

Shapers at work

Shapers with skills related to user experience design, social media marketing and digital project management have researched the customer journey and composed personas of target audiences. A content marketing plan has been composed and implemented. Based on data analyses, the influence of various online channels and behavior has been researched and was optimized continuously.

The various business units were trained on digital skills in cooperation with management and internal ambassadors. This resulted in employees telling their story online and an improvement in internal collaboration. Together we have made choices concerning the implementation of software, started using LinkedIn tools and build a new recruitment website.

Shapers x DPA

• Corporate storytelling: powerful brand identity
• Social Media strategy & activation
• Persona and customer journey optimization
• Content marketing
• Strengthening DPA network
• Increase digital mindset and skills
• Data-driven decision making
• Choices and implementation recruitment software
• Marketing automation


Through a powerful corporate storytelling, DPA has achieved a more personal, more approachable and more professional appearance online. This has resulted in a significant growth in the conversion of social channels. A large percentage of new inflow was entered through their own online channels. A significant increase in website traffic had been realized. The organization has achieved an appealing online identity and has been very successful with the new #kennisenkunde sessions, attracting a lot of talent.