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Our mission

In 2025, 1 million people feel empowered to succeed in a world defined by digital technology

Digital Shapers helps organizations see the possibilities that data science offers, and shape the digital workforce. Our shapers are born digitals who enlarge the digital mindset and creativity of organizations. We inspire, help to make decisions, and change organizations with workshops and projects. That’s how we find answers to these questions:


How does my organization become data-driven?

What digital skills do my employees need, and how can we stimulate them to learn these?

How is my organization attractive for digital talent?

How to use new technologies for innovation?


Why Digital Shapers


Today's themes

Our responsibilities

While working on projects, Digital Shapers simultaneously shapes and establishes the culture and processes that aid the digital transformation. We will make you agile, as we set the bar for a continuous learning and improvement curve.

The following themes are topical:


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