Fire up your digital revolution

What we do

We enlarge the digital mindset and creativity of organizations with our born digitals.

Digital Shapers creates awareness amongst organizations of the endless possibilities that the digital word has to offer. We inspire, change and help make accurate choices with our hands-on approach and involvement. Our shapers are digital at heart and the bright spots in any company. Through workshops and projects, we will set organizations in motion.


Why Digital Shapers


Today's themes

Our responsibilities

While working on projects, Digital Shapers simultaneously shapes and establishes the culture and processes that aid the digital transformation. We will make you agile, as we set the bar for a continuous learning and improvement curve.

The following themes are topical:

Our approach

And this is how we do it

You want to be able to anticipate new digital developments. Therefore, we utilize a tried and tested methodology: discover, inspire, focus and shape. Together we will decide the direction.

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You work with Shapers

Our workforce consists of Shapers. They speak, operate and live digital. Being born in a digital age, they can navigate the digital world purely on instinct. Shapers have access to relevant knowledge and experiences, but most importantly; they possess a specific personality.

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Our organization

Where are we going, and with whom?

Digital Shapers is ambitious. We dream, dare and do. Because we are optimists, we see a lot of potential to achieve our Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
Learn more about our organization and the team behind it.

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From ambitious clients

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#ShapingDigital workshops

You are welcome

We organize inspirational workshops throughout the year in which topical themes are key. Clients and Shapers are regular guests. If you want to be part of this, and meet Digital Shapers, please contact us.

Attracting Digital Workforce

February 8, 2017, 9.00 - 12.00h
LinkedIn Amsterdam

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Customer Experience

April 12, 2017, 9.00 - 12.00h
Spaces Rode Olifant, The Hague

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Data-Driven Companies

June 14, 2017, 9.00 - 13.00h
Spaces Herengracht, Amsterdam

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