Outdoor meets digital

Digital transformation turns out to be a gripping journey of discovery

Nomad is a strong brand with a stable position in the outdoor retail landscape. Online sales are increasing through the channels of various suppliers. A solid omnichannel experience will be rewarded by the customer.

Therefore, the brand wished to explore the possibilities and discover how digital transformation could strengthen the organization without a heavier load. Digital Shapers was invited to take on a temporary advisory role. This provided the organization with inspiration and created a consistency in the online customer experience.

The enthusiasm for digital and for brands is contagious and fueled the changes we needed. The knowledge and insights of our Shaper on 'how to' helped us to take next steps. He did not shy away from giving his opinion even when it was not always what I wanted to hear. A great trait when you want to shape a company into new thinking. Last but not least it wasn't all talk but also getting things done.

Anouk Kooijmans - Managing Director Nomad

Shapers x Nomad

• Workshops & Shaper Project
• Digital storytelling
• Content & E-mail marketing
• Integration of online with offline
• Personalization of digital experience, omnichannel
• Website optimization
• Increase online discoverability & visibility
• Analytics & link tagging

Through various workshops we refined the identity of Nomad as a brand and determined how to reflect this in online presence. We applied this message consistently to different channels and campaigns. This involved more personalization and interaction with the consumer’s community; boosting the brand experience. Digital Shapers trained and coached the organization in the online marketing field and introduced various digital tools that made activations and analyses easier.


One of the most significant outcomes of this project was the improvement in awareness of the strength and impact of online communications, as well as the organization’s capability in the field of online marketing. There’s now a platform that allows consumers to get inspired to experience Nomad, while at first communication was focused on details at product level. Emotion was triggered by putting experience central and inviting the customer: 'it's better to travel one mile, than to read a thousand books'. This is the beginning for Nomad of a fascinating digital journey of discovery.