Shaping DELA

Using digital tools to speed- and smarten up innovation

Experimenting and validating in order to develop the right new products for members.


DELA is specialist in insurance and funeral arrangements. A cooperation supporting members before, during and after funerals. To best serve its members, the organization is committed to constant innovation: but what is most desired by members?


Which products and services are these? Can we validate them online prior to further investments? Can we progress from concept to implementation in the most effective manner? What specialists do you bring together in various stages?


A new platform for a specific customer segment was created. It was thoroughly tested, following the lean startup method, design thinking and data-driven development. New skills such as growth hacking were thought to the team.

Digital Shapers brings creativity and manages to combine this eloquently with supported data. Innovative projects are validated quickly, both offline and online. This way we quickly know what we want to do or not without making concessions on quality or wasting investments.

Ingrid van Loon - Projectmanager Innovation DELA

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