Shaping Enexis

Digital Asset Management in 2025

Based on extensive internal and external research, Digital Shapers explored what the required digital competencies are for asset managers to develop, to be successful in 2025.


In order to utilise the potential of developing digital technology and available data, Enexis Asset Management wants to prepare its employees for the work of tomorrow. What does success in 2025 look like, and what is required to achieve this success?


Met een divers kernteam van Enexis hebben we de kaders voor het onderzoek bepaald. Op basis van interne en externe documentstudie, diverse workshops, sectoronderzoek, surveys en diepte interviews hebben we de cruciale digitale competenties gedefinieerd die nodig zijn om als asset manager succesvol te zijn in 2025.


Based on our research we have determined that there are 5 steps to take to be successful in the upcoming 5 years. To be able to take these steps, 3 core competencies were defined. Based on these competencies, we recommended activities to enthuse people to start with their development.