Shaping ERIKS

Improving service with AR Innovation

In this project, Digital Shapers teamed up with Noorderwind and a group of ERIKS employees to work on innovation with new technologies. Following a thorough validation process with customers, we identified various opportunities for service improvement.


ERIKS is an industrial service provider with a wide product range of engineering components and extensive know-how of technology. Amongst others, its products, services and expertise are used directly for the maintenance of machinery and factories.

Its knowledge about components and their application in machines can help clients reduce downtime. In co-creation with ERIKS, customers and our partner Noorderwind, Digital Shapers worked on propositions to improve service delivery when machines fail.


The concept of ERIKS Brain, focusing on providing end-users a digital tool to facilitate direct access with the right ERIKS expert on the moments that matter most. That’s exactly why it was decided to actively engage end-users in the development of this concept from the start. Specifically, the application of Augmented Reality and smart technical solutions was studied.


Video of the ERIKS Brain app


In phase 1, we identified several use cases with valuable and validated business cases in 6 sprints. ERIKS decided to start development of one of them and continued to engage end-customers in the trajectory. After phase 2, an augmented reality application is built, that enables a real-time connection between an on-site engineer and an off-site ERIKS expert. Direct communication and solutions, everywhere, anytime. We are proud to share that this innovation received an award for “Best Digital Solution” by Royal DSM.



The Shapers are smart and friendly, with a proactive attitude. They are a hard working, client sensitive team, focused on getting things done and able to engage with internal as well as external stakeholders.

Maarten Mackaaij - Manager Innovation Project ERIKS Brain

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