Shaping ERIKS

Strategic and hands-on support to support a digital transition

Set-up and execution of a digital change plan to support the transition towards the desired future situation


ERIKS is a multi-product specialist offering a wide range of engineering components and technical services to several industries. About two years ago they’ve decided to move into a new digital direction. A digital hub situated in Amsterdam has been set-up to shape this new direction and provide support for the transition. But what type of approach is necessary if the end users of the new developed tooling are located across different branches in Europe?


By making the new desired situation concrete, determining the status-quo and collecting the needs in the organisation, a gap analysis has been conducted.
In addition, a risk analysis was performed to determine the impact of the change, the necessary focus and efforts of change management. Based on the above analyses, a change management plan was created and executed by providing hand-on support. Supporting and involving key stakeholders was a crucial element to manage the change.


The conducted analyses have helped to obtain a clear picture of, amongst other things:
- where in the organisation the changes will take place;
- what this impact really means;
- what the sentiment is;
- what the biggest challenges are.

With the help of these results, we were able to determine and execute the necessary activities from both the change management team and the organisation, to guide employees through the transition and embrace the use of new digital technologies.