Shaping HEMA

Understanding and attracting digital talent

It is necessary to very well understand the motivations of digital talent to become attractive as an employer. Digital Shapers enlightened HEMA with internal and external research to gain insights and translate these into advice. Among others, it is possible for HEMA to use these insights to improve its employer branding.


In order to continuously improve and grow HEMA, the company needs qualitative digital talent. To attract these talents, HEMA acknowledged the importance of getting to understand the talents and their motivations surrounding employers and jobs better. Internally, recruitment and business managers were eager to better cooperate with each other on this matter. Digital Shapers was hired to help HEMA increase this understanding: who are digital talents? What do they expect from an employer? How can their impact in the organization be amplified?


After we jointly defined ‘digital talent’, and the exact needs of HEMA in this regard, we performed an internal and external analysis. We studied the experiences, wishes and obstacles when attracting digital talent. We then spoke with external digital talent about their needs while orienting, comparing and make a decision for a new job. Using visualization techniques, we summarized findings in personas and candidate journeys. Combining insights with market insights, we performed a gap analysis to to develop advice for HEMA to get to the desired situation.


Visual translation of insights has helped HEMA to quickly gain understanding of various talent personas and their candidate journeys. Disparities between the current and desired situation have become clear, as well possible short and long term activities to improve employer branding strategy. Following up, HEMA can use these insights not only to improve its proposition but also to improve employee experience and results. Recruitment and business managers know better how to complement each other while using their own strengths.

Digital Shapers created an improved understanding of digital talent: an important first step to increase attractivity as an employer. A clear process was followed while working together, ensuring easy cooperation and fast progress. With creativity, a critical eye, and full of energy, the Shapers provided valuable insights about both the attractiveness of HEMA as an employer, as well as our employee experience. We are very satisfied with the result of this collaboration and look forward to continue working together and achieve further successes.

Nadine Beister - Human Resources Leader HEMA