Shaping Keune

Roadmapping and renewing digital experience

Digital Shapers is currently helping Keune improve its digital presence, services and products, working from strategy to implementation. In short sprints and with hands-on involvement, our Shapers combine diverse expertises to bring about fast progress and empower employees to make choices.


Keune is a successful family owned, internationally operating company, offering products, educational tools and salon concepts.They aim to deliver a uniform standard of quality, online and offline. Dealing with highly varying international markets, delivery models and customers, a single global brand identity and experience can be challenging.


As digital partner of Keune we are responsible for both strategy and implementation. By combining diverse expertises, such as customer journey mapping, strategy, and ecommerce we accelerate progress. Working closely together with internal stakeholders and external suppliers, we ensure qualitative solutions with long-term impact.


A integrated Digital Roadmap was drafted for the coming year. Priorities have been defined, choices made for solutions and suppliers. Using both an inside-out and outside-in approach, we have made sure that plans would lead to increased value perceived by customers. We continue to roll out strategy, helping the organization to become self-supportive.

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