Shaping Loonaangifteketen

An ecothon with 80 players from the ecosystem

During the yearly conference of the Loonaangifteketen multiple players from the ecosystem came together. We used design thinking methods and co-creation to bring together all involved parties and work on potential improvements for the whole ecosystem.


The ‘Loonaangifteketen’ (Chain of tax declaration) is a unique cooperation between the Dutch Tax Authority, CBS and the UWV. Together with many other parties they form one of the largest information chains in the Netherlands. There lies great potential in improving cooperation between these parties. It was our task to contribute to the utilisation of this potential.


We organised an ‘ecothon’ with the aim to work together with diverse parties on improvements within the ecosystem. By using design thinking methods, we researched the core of multiple challenges, thought of potential improvements, and iterated and tested these. 


By coming together with more than 80 players from within the ecosystem we managed to improve mutual understanding of a diverse set of involved parties. Multiple sides of the information chain were explored, which made it possible to map out the main areas for improvement. The best solutions were pitched and rated by others.