Shaping Luchtvaart Community Schiphol

A tailor-made Escape Room for LCS her partners

Digitalization offers many opportunities for everyone working at Schiphol. Through the Digital Escape Room partners of Luchtvaart Community Schiphol were able to get to know these possibilities.


Luchtvaart Community Schiphol (LCS) develops and implements innovative programs at the airport. It is a cooperation between the aviation sector, education and government, aiming to sustainably improve the labor market by focusing on its imperfections. One of them is the limited possibility for digital training for people working at Schiphol, and the discrepancy between skills learned and skills needed. Digital Shapers was asked to help increasing knowledge and awareness about digital technologies and methods at the airport, in a way that would appeal to all partners and various levels.


Digital Shapers has developed a Digital Escape Room suitable for the Dutch MBO level, in which employees of various partners of LCS such as  Transavia, KLM, and PCH Parking have made a digital journey. Customized to recognizable situations at Schiphol, various digital tools were used to find solutions to succeed in the Escape Room, thereby increasing knowledge about digitization and creating awareness about various digital possibilities. Solving several assignments in groups reduced the resistance to use digital resources and helped people think about implementation in their day to day work.


The Digital Escape Room is rated with 8.2/10 by the 8 participating companies. The groups indicated that they learned a lot about different technologies in a playful, competitive way. Participants felt the desire to keep learning and explore the possibilities of how they can use digital technology in their daily work and work better together. The Escape Room is considered a big success, and all of LCS' partner organizations within the aviation industry are eager to use it more frequently to spark enthusiasm for digital technology in their organization.

In a particularly pleasant collaboration with Digital Shapers we have been able to set up a valuable and successful pilot. With their involvement and creative perspective, they have managed to build a very cool Digital Escape Room for the aviation sector, and to adapt the level from hbo to mbo. With a 8.2 as an average satisfaction score among the 8 participating companies, this pilot is certainly a success. The enthusiasm of Elles and Wessel has been key in this success! That is why we have chosen to continue working with Digital Shapers on a suitable follow-up for the aviation sector.

Sam van der Weele - Programmamanager Luchtvaart Community Schiphol