Shaping Mourik

Realizing the digital transition together

After defining a digital strategy, the next step is to help the organization implement that strategy. Digital Shapers supported Mourik in achieving the goals from their Digital Roadmap.


Mourik, a large family-owned company based in Groot-Ammers that offers solutions for all kinds of infrastructure projects, strives to remain distinctive and innovative in a constantly changing world. In an earlier project with Mourik, we’ve co-created a Digital Roadmap together. However, how do you implement the digital projects coming from this roadmap, in the organisation?


Together with Mourik’s management, we defined a phased approach for the different project teams. Digital Shapers strongly believes that it’s the people in the organization that drive a transition. They are the ones who own the project specific expertise. Empowering them with inspiration, tooling and hands-on support. We also provide support to Mourik’s management in overall program management with the special Transition Team.


Mourik and Digital Shapers work together to achieve the goals formulated in the Digital Roadmap. Mourik signals and addresses obstacles and issues that obstruct the realization of these goals. And with success. Several new initiatives have been implemented in the organisation, such as an onboarding-program, smart tendering and the application of 3D-models.