Shaping ORMIT

Keeping up with digital developments

In the ORMIT Digital School, we provide new content every month related to a relevant digital topic. In 30 minutes per week, participants learn about the most relevant digital topics, and its application in business.


ORMIT specializes in providing talented and ambitious trainees with leadership potential to organizations. It’s important that these trainees have a broad knowledge of digital developments, and that they stay up to date with the latest trends. We had to come up with a way to fit a personal development plan in their busy schedule, and to make learning a more fun and engaging experience for them.


We first gathered input from participants by asking them to fill out a ‘FutureCV’ questionnaire, in which they had to imagine themselves one year in the future. Looking back at today, which personal developments have made them proud? Which technologies have they used in their work? Which problems have they helped to solve? Based on the provided input, we have put together the content for the Digital School.


Every month, we gather the most relevant information related to topics such as customer experience, AI, data, and its applications in business. The content is brought to life through appealing case examples. Because not everyone has the same learning preferences, we provide a diverse set of content, suggesting articles, videos, podcasts, books, or events to attend. Knowledge is tested at the end of each month in a quiz, asking open questions, or using specific tools.