Shaping Schiphol

Creating awareness and desire for digital technology

Digital Shapers created a Digital Escape Room to enlarge awareness of digital technology among employees of Schiphol Group, and to stimulate them to use its potential in their daily work.


Following its ambitions to become the world’s leading Digital Airport, Royal Schiphol Group initiated a Digital Week to stimulate learning and transition at an employee level. To create digital acceleration, understanding about digital technologies should move beyond the level of experts to employees throughout organization. Creating awareness and desire was therefore the centre of interest: watching employees become more enthusiastic about digital instead of leaving them insecure about its impact and possibly with feelings of resistance.

Digital Escape Room

One of the highlights this week was the Digital Escape Room, with customized Schiphol storytelling. While trying to solve a game with a team, participants of all levels were exposed to various new technologies and their application. Both awareness and desire was created, while experiencing the potential of technology in a safe environment. Instead of pushing messages about digital transformation and the urge to change, we encouraged desire at a personal level to learn more. Employees were empowered and enthused to create similar experiences for Schiphol’s customers.


The Escape Room experience was the most appreciated workshop in the Digital Week: rated with an 8,7/10 by employees. It was moreover a great way to attract participants for other activities in the Digital Week.

  • Over 250 employees of all levels escaped
  • A total of 700 employees participated in the Digital Week.
  • Familiarity with technologies & tools was taught in a playful, competitive way
  • Following the experience of technology with a conversation and explanations, we assured increase of awareness on a personal level.  
  • Ideas about the implementation of these technologies in daily work, and aspirations for further education were gathered with a survey.

As project lead for the Digital Week, I have spent several months working together with the Shapers with great pleasure. They are hard working, out-of-the-box thinkers, with a positive attitude. They have an extraordinary drive, and aim to put something amazing together, while achieving great results. I was impressed with the creativity required to build the Escape Room. The Shapers really manage to make the whole experience educative and entertaining.

Anouk van Dijken - Digital Change Manager Royal Schiphol Group

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