Shaping Schiphol

Enlarging the digital mindset of Schiphol employees

The Digital Discovery Battle was created as a broader, more advanced alternative to our Digital Escape Room, with the goal to increase awareness and desire, and improve the knowledge level of digital technology.


For the second year in a row, Digital Shapers helped to shape the program of the Schiphol Digital Week. To engage Schiphol employees and enthuse them to learn more about digital technologies and its applications, the Digital Team of Schiphol asked us to develop a more engaging and ambitious version of last year’s Digital Escape Room. The main challenge was to increase awareness of the possibilities that digital technology has to offer.


In collaboration with Schiphol, we chose the most relevant technologies, competences and ways of working. We then created a storyline in which Schiphol employees would take a trip around the world: the Digital Discovery Battle. Through gamification, participants were encouraged to acquire new knowledge as fast as possible, and to apply it directly in an educational game.


Due to the success of the Digital Escape Room the year before, the Digital Discovery Battle drew a lot of attention. More than 25 rounds were played with over 200 people participating. This resulted in many enthusiastic responses!

The Digital Discovery Battle can continue to be used in the educational program of Schiphol and its related organizations.