Shaping Vueling

Creating an Innovation Roadmap for 2019

Digital Shapers created an Innovation Roadmap to structure Vueling’s innovation activity, and to stimulate change on an individual level


Vueling entered the aviation market in 2004 as a disruptive force. Being international, cool and innovative, Vueling landed and instantly owned the digital space.

Vueling is working hard to catch up to competing airlines and regaining its place as an innovative frontrunner.


Over the course of two days, Digital Shapers interviewed diverse members of Vueling’s leadership, as well as varied employees to get a sense of the status quo related to innovation activity.

In a workshop with the Innovation Team, we determined the desired future state. Based on this we developed the Innovation Roadmap.


The Innovation Roadmap consists of main innovation themes per quarter. We suggested diverse activities to achieve the desired state, and stimulate change on different levels throughout the organization. KPIs were determined to measure the results throughout the year.