Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

'Privacy regulations temper the evolution of Artificial Intelligence'. Is this true or not and what are the consequences? 

We've recently watched the United States and Russia battle on AI, with various experts claiming that AI will increasingly determine winners on an international scale. China is applying AI on a social scale: developing a social credit system. Using credit scores, ranking, and above all lots of private data, citizens may become involved in constant scoring of behavior, and be evaluated alike. 

Back home, we're in the midst of GDPR implementation and discussion on the 'sleepwet'. As much as possible, we try to protect our data. For Artificial Intelligence to be intelligent, however, it is exactly data that's needed. We can condemn what China's doing, but what's the consequence for us? No other country collects as much as data as China does. Don't we risk falling behind on international competitiveness and technological development? 

In the next #ShapingDigital we will talk about the dilemma between AI and privacy, and the importance of data. What do you think? We'll inspire you with a crash course on the basics of AI and Machine Learning, privacy & security issues. Guided by our Shapers, we'll discuss real-life applications and possible implications for your company. To make the discussion practical, we make sure that you leave with tangible ideas to start implementing once back in the office.