Artificial Intelligence, the state of affairs

One started early, the other only very recently. You can hardly have missed the call from government, industry and media to experiment and scale up with artificial intelligence. Where some organizations show off success stories or run into limitations; many others continue to search.

Where do we really stand as a business? How promising has artificial intelligence proved so far? Have investments in this area really increased? Which products have been developed? Or is it still mainly talking and planning? Who is involved in this in the organization and how are new ideas and products embraced? What is a need for?

We are curious about your experiences and want to create the space to discuss them with each other. We are therefore making this #ShapingDigital edition more exclusive than usual. On Wednesday afternoon, October 7, 2020, we will have a conversation with a select group of 10 invitees with final responsible functions. We let us of course, to be inspired and supported by a few experts and experts by experience.

Do you also want to learn from the experiences of other companies and are you willing to share your own challenges and insights? Sign up for our session, as usual at our office Amsterdam*.