Digital mission completed, staff left behind?

What can we learn from a customer experience approach to get people involved in organizational change?

Many organizations are taking important decisions in the digital world. Every effort is made to prioritize the customer: self-managing teams have been set up, data scientists are busy gaining insights from data and design thinking is gaining popularity to invent and improve new products and services.

These changes usually brings a lot for the customer. A notification when it's time for a break at work, a loan will be provided in no time and chatbots that are working better and better will serve you 24 hours a day.

Organizations often make large investments to make their digital mission successful, but sometimes they forget to take employees along with them. Do they acutally support the changes that are being implemented? Do they really experience the change as an improvement? Do they understand and embrace change and know what is expected of them? How is a digital strategy properly communicated to the organization?

On March 12, we will share the experiences of decision makers from organizations from different sectors. Join #ShapingDigital and learn about how a user experience approach (design thinking, UX design) can contribute to involving employees in organizational change.