Disruptive innovation: Get inspired by Space to start disruptive thinking

Disruptive developments often take years before they create large and fundamental shifts, yet it sometimes seems to happen over night. Determining the next breakthrough is therefore never easy.

How can incumbents take advantage of technological developments and become leaders in innovation, instead of facing the risk to ‘be disrupted’?

Let’s talk disruptive innovation together in this edition of #ShapingDigital. We’ll use the topic ‘Space’ to do so, for 2 reasons: 1) to understand how fast commercial activities in Space are becoming reality; 2) to grow our imagination in the field of innovation.

In 2040, the Space Global Market Size is expected to be $2.4 trn. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ investments will be made in the space sector, but rather ‘how’.

Who constructs the settlements and develops the infrastructure? Who are the landlords, and the players in logistics and transport? What about branding and marketing; healthcare? What will be your position in completely new ecosystems?

The sky is the limit?
This #ShapingDigital is for visionary leadership, and anyone working in the field of (disruptive) innovation. Inspiration will be provided by Marta Ferraz, experienced researcher in Space Life Sciences & Human-Robot Interactions at ESTEC, TU Delft, NASA, and University of Texas; and newest Shaper on the team.

Practical information

  • Date: Thursday 29 September
  • Time: 4PM – 6PM
  • Location: EDGE Olymic, Amsterdam