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With the Gemeente Amsterdam as launching customer, we are currently working on a tool to customize learning of digital competences and skills to individual needs and wishes. This can be used for organizations to get real-time insight into the development of its workforce and provide personalized employee learning.

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Digital Workforce

The workforce will change as a result of digital transformation. You will require new competences and skills to make your organization agile and successful. This means: different professionals, or professionals who work in alternative ways using other skills. Knowledge workers are increasingly changing into digital workers. As technology, such as artificial intelligence, robots and drones, become a part of the team, we are forced to think about the way we structure our organization and establish our vision. Do you have the right people on board and do the people see the potential of digital development?

Digital Shapers can assist in the creation of a culture that fits this mold. For instance: working in an agile and data-driven manner, customer centered, and with supporting tools. We stimulate sharing of knowledge between the departments and inspire employees to observe the digital world through a different lens in order to visualize the opportunities. Using imagination and positive enforcement tools, we tailor digital learning to individual needs and wishes.  

We’re also experienced in strengthening employer branding. Starting with an EVP to corporate storytelling and activating your organization to attract the right talent and to keep building a strong employer brand together.



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