Retail is changing - adapt or fall behind

China's New Retail Workshop

China's New Retail model is forever changing how we look at retail. Get inspired by real cases from this integrated system that offers the best of current retail, e-commerce and brick & mortar stores and learn how to implement this in your business.

Out with the old

For retailers to stay relevant, structural changes will have to be made to keep up with changing consumer preferences. To get an idea of what that change entails, we should look at China, where new retail has made its introduction.

China is rapidly shedding legacy expectations and ways of thinking about retail, and is working towards a new status quo.

In with the new

In new retail, no physical consumer experience has to be the same from one individual to the next. An integrated system, combining the best of current retail, e-commerce and brick & mortar stores. 

This level of innovation is something that is simply not happening yet in the US, and certainly not within Europe.



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New retail workshops

Want to get up to speed on China’s models? We offer two workshops in which we will discuss examples of China’s new retail. What can you learn from China's developed market, and implement in your business? How do you reach Chinese customers and the Chinese market? In a group of max. 15 we will explore these topics. 

Additionally you can book one hour of 1-on-1 consultancy that is catered specifically to your sector.

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