Data Crash Course

Interactive introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Digital Shapers offers interactive introduction sessions to Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, in which underlying concepts and technology are explained through real cases.


Many companies are aware that they can do more with their data. Buzzing terms as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science often confuse people. A lack of basic understanding prevent organizations from incorporating it into daily practices and grasping real business value. Your organization realizes the relevance, but where to start?


In a 2 hour interactive training we make AI & Machine learning accessible. We clarify underlying concepts and technology, show examples, and help participants develop ideas for its application in their own business. A perfect start to develop strategic initiatives, gain ideas for pilots, and motivate people to learn more about AI.



We increase the level of knowledge and create awareness of best case practices. We make people more excited to discover new possibilities and make them comfortable to implement ideas in their daily work. Together we create a list of possible solutions for your organization. No more silence about AI but realistic enthusiasm among employees.

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