Using data for new solutions

Data Workshop

Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google… the world’s most famous companies were born in a garage. Apparently, for creativity to flow and ideas to grow we don’t need a fancy office or a fixed strategy. Shared belief, a diverse team of experts, experimentation, a basic understanding and awareness, and dedicated time are more important ingredients.


We organize a workshop with inspiration and co-creation: a Data Workshop in which we work on awareness, knowledge and ideas in the field of data analytics. Perfect for a cross-departmental group of participants from your organization and experts from ours. This morning, we will talk data and discover its potential for the organization.

In this workshop, we work together with our strategic partner Ortec. We combine our domain knowledge with their in depth expertise on Data Science to ensure the best results towards a more data driven organization.


First, we increase understanding the field of Data Science. We explain underlying concepts and excite you with examples of successful implementation. Then we get into a creative mindset. Data as a driver for entrepreneurial opportunity.
Which data can be used to improve predictions, which data can be prescriptive? How can we improve the use of your data or make new combinations? What new products and services, or process optimization can we define together? How can you apply artificial intelligence in your organization? At the end of the day you will have specific ideas that can be followed up with business cases and pilots. Also, we have discussed obstacles and actions for the group.  

Specific wishes?
Let us know!



  • Increased knowledge on the field of Data Science and relevant technologies
  • List of possible solutions for your organization, using internal and external data, and technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.
  • Idea of quick wins, long term possibilities, and next steps
  • Dedicated time, focus and discussion leads to increased commitment for collaboration of cross-departmental managers and data-driven transformation
  • Resolvement of objections to change
  • Focused follow-up possible: developing business cases, pilots and implementing change