Digital transformation for every employee

Digital Day

Get inspired during a Digital Day. In an interactive lecture, we will make your employees aware of the latest digital trends in your sector. This knowledge will be applied straight away in an interactive game, after which everyone will go home with clear ideas about practical applications within your organization.


We believe that being competitive in the digital age starts with your employees. Do they already fully understand the possibilities that a new way of working can offer them?

We organise Digital Days to accelerate the development of your employees. Topics that are most relevant for your business will be discussed with you upfront. Technologies that are changing the way work is done in your sector are covered, after which the newly acquired knowledge is applied in an interactive game. The program can be done with employees of all levels, in groups of up to 100 people.


The interactive part of the event can be arranged in several ways, in line with the needs of your organization. During a workshop or game, people will be inspired and challenged to come up with creative applications within their own work. Relevant discussions, as well as knowledge and experience exchanges among participants will be facilitated.

Examples of game types are a ‘Escape Room’, a ‘Digital Lagerhuis’, ‘Privacy & AI Game’, or the ‘Digital Strategy Battle’. The perfect program fit will be created In consultation with your organisation. 


  • Increased knowledge about digital technology, applied straight away in a low-threshold educative game. A proven concept, with positive reactions from companies such as Melitta, de RAI and Schiphol.
  • Increased commitment
  • New ideas
  • Better understanding of related topics
  • Improved cooperation
  • Overcome obstacles to change
  • Willingness to get started, and to keep learning more.



The digital days were very successful, and your participation in them certainly played an important role in this. I received a lot of positive feedback, as well as many positive reactions directly after the conference!

Remko Tetenburg - CEO Melitta Sales Europe