Awareness and desire for digital technology

Digital Escape Room

Boost your digital transformation by increasing your employees' awareness and desire for digital technology. Help them understand its potential, and how to use it in their daily work.


Do you want to boost your digital transformation by increasing your employees’ awareness and desire for digital technology? Or do you want to showcase your strategy, and bring your customer journey to life? Or have a one-stop solution to onboard all your new employees and show the values of your company? 

We developed a Digital Escape Room to help accelerate digital change, and increase the understanding of technology of all employees throughout your organization. Through a bottom-up approach, they experience the potential of digital technology in a low-threshold learning game. 


Employees from different departments will join forces to play various types of games, in which they learn how to use different apps, tools and technologies through an exciting storyline. Through co-creation, this can be suited to your specific strategy and learning goals.

Topics such as Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Facial and Image recognition and many others will be covered. Employees are stimulated to learn about growth hacking, data-driven working, design thinking and complex problem solving. 



  • The Digital Escape Room has been played over 2000 times, and is rated by participants with an 8.7.
  • Your employees attain a more digital mindset.
  • Participants are inspired to directly use what they learned in their own daily work.
  • Awareness and understanding of topics and games is ensured during group debriefing.
  • Serious games have proven to improve employee engagement and practical application more than any other training method.


Escape the room & experience the power of digital technology!