The Analytics Academy

Data translation in business

As part of an education at the Analytics Academy, Digital Shapers developed a training on translating data to business and enhancing cooperation between business and data scientists to create successful data science projects.


As part of an Data Science education trajectory, Digital Shapers trains large groups of employees to understand and apply data in the organization. We focus on opportunities, teaching and coaching participants on how to use data in a creative way to solve challenges. Specifically, we increase understanding of the diverse roles and responsibilities of various internal stakeholders while working on data science projects.

The Analytics Academy is a product of Ortec Data Science and the University of Amsterdam. Digital Shapers participates in the Academy as a training partner.


Starting with current business challenges, we lead a mixed team of business managers and data scientists through a thought experiment with the goal to develop solutions using data. As diverse stakeholders work together, they increase understanding of each other’s perspective, thinking as well as requirements for a successful data science projects. We facilitate discussion in which we go further in depth on diverse roles and responsibilities. We form the basis of fruitful collaboration collaboration while aligning business interests.


  • Increased knowledge about Data Science & Analytics and relevant technologies
  • List of possible solutions to challenges of your organization, using internal and external data, and technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing
  • Dedicated time, focus and discussion leads to increased commitment for collaboration of cross-departmental managers and data-driven transformation
  • Enhanced understanding of organizational implementation and own responsibilities
  • Resolvement of objections

In this educational track we have discovered the power of Analytics while exploring possibilities. The first efficiency steps have been taken, and the potential is clearly visible. More and more people within HbR are getting inspired! Reason enough to roll out Advanced Analytics further!

Karin de Boo - Advisor Business Strategy Port of Rotterdam