You work with Shapers

Our workforce consists of Shapers. They speak, operate and live digital. Being born in a digital age, they can navigate the digital world purely on instinct. Shapers have access to relevant knowledge and experiences, but most importantly; they possess a specific personality.


A digital revolution cuts right through the organization. Shapers possess a broad perspective and will not hesitate to break through conventions and silos.

Shapers are intrinsically motivated to inspire people and to help them transform. We refer to them as bright spots.

Shapers want to learn. They learn from each other, online and from the best practices they acquire at the various organizations.

Our values

We smile, everyday
Positive energy is contagious
We connect
Together we create synergy
We inspire people
We identify new opportunities
We challenge the status-quo
We move organizations one level up
We bring about change
We use creativity to empower people
We are a winning team
Together we will remain in tiptop shape